About us

Bisnode enables smart decisions. We transform data and information into insights, which help companies across Europe to produce answers and insights that cover a huge range of different needs and situations. From small decisions needed for day-to-day business operations, to major strategic decisions that form the basis of a company’s future activities. Bisnode has about 2 100 employees in 18 European countries.

Bisnode is a leading provider of digital business information in Europe introducing a comprehensive portfolio of solutions in the areas of credit risk, marketing and company information. Bisnode services help companies increase sales, minimise business risk and make the right business decisions.

Since 1990, in the Czech republic and Slovakia, Bisnode is a trusted partner of a wide range of companies on the B2B market, including the biggest players on the market.

Thanks to its strong backround of the Bisnode Group, active in 17 European countries, and a strategic partnership with Dun & Bradstreet, who specialises on international data and services, Bisnode can offer information about companies from over 190 countries worldwide. Its databases contain entries of more than 250 million companies.

Some of our most prestigious products:

  • Albertina – Sales marketing database of all companies and institutions.
  • D&B Global Reference Solution – Global company database focused on sales, marketing and compliance.
  • Certification of company financial fitness.
  • D&B Portfolio Manager – Enterprise management and monitoring of receivables.
  • Artemis – On-line application examining company financial fitness.
  • Arachne – Application visually uncovering the connections between business entities in the Czech Republic.
  • Kerberos – Company monitoring tool.

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