Bisnode Albertina - the best database of companies

Are you looking for a wide database where you can seek potential clients across all fields and sizes at large? Database which allows you to skip controversial companies and is even able to predict their future?

  • 2,7 millions of companies and institutions in the Czech republic and Slovakia
  • searching according to 200 sorts of criteria
  • monthly free of charge updating
  • includes financial positions predictions of companies
  • perfect for doing business and marketing campaigns

You will get to know all about every single company

Besides primary data you will find information on debts, list of properties, summary of ties, final accounts, scoring assessment and payment history on every company.

You will use Albertina especially for marketing campaigns and business activities. It is widely used both by small-sized traders and bank institutions.

Information you will find nowhere else

The key advantage you will find in no database on the market is the possibility of showing the company development prediction up to one year in advance.

Thanks to this fact you can delete companies with low scoring rate and will probably face financial difficulties from your database immediately.

Database includes unique accounting information from suppliers (we analyze 10mil. invoices a month). We update all data on a monthly basis free of charge.

You can export data into MS Excel chart and many other formats.

Database will show you whom to approach

Do you have your own portfolio of customers and would like to increase their numbers? Albertina is able to predict similar companies by their company registration number and you can later approach them within your business activities.

Database is meanwhile available offline(on DVD or installation file), nevertheless the on-line version will soon be fully available.


Are you interested in Albertina?

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