Bisnode Artemis – check on companies online

  • web application with no downloading or installation
  • checks insolvency, payment history and scoring rate
  • warns about risky business partners in the Czech republic and abroad
  • attractive reports just one click to go


Check on your business partners before it’s too late

Make your choice of business partners easier and lower the risk of irrecoverable claims. Artemis application is built on a proven Gnosus platform.

You will acquire detail information on companies

Besides identifying data and contacts, the REPORT modul will display credit and negative information, financial outcomes analysis and other business information for you. All in interactive diagrams and charts.

You will disclose property linkages

The LINKAGES modul reveals active economical and ownership ties between companies and individuals reaching out to abroad. Indicators in diagrams point to risky ties automatically.

You won’t miss any important changes

The MONITORING modul watches over changes at monitored companies. You will be notified of a new event by e-mail automatically. You can set your own preferences on what changes you wish to monitor: negative, positive, or neutral. The application also analyses changes in the in the past and provides a thorough analysis on company development.

Application access for current customers of  Artemis


Does your company need an alternate solution (e.g. in-house built on source data)?
Contact us, we will be happy to present you with other options.

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