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When changes occur at an ever-faster pace, a market with new conditions emerges along with a business climate that needs to adapt to a new tempo. This places new demands on the role of the CFO and the methods of the financial teams. The trend is moving away from a primary focus on minimizing risk, to far more extensive duties and responsibilities. As an important cog in the company’s total machinery, the finance department needs to actively work to optimize risk further, increase cash flow and drive growth. To streamline sales activities, one also needs to be able to support the sales department with relevant information about existing and potential customers, wherever they are located. These changed conditions mean that financial teams need to find new ways to create flexibility and collaborate more, while simultaneously ensuring that they have and can handle business-critical information.

Optimize risks and make smart decisions

Conditions for profitable business deals globally

  • Secure your credit decisions with access to current data and credit reports from over 200 countries and regions
  • Create new business with reliable information and clear and accessible analyses
  • Accept more global customers and suppliers while keeping your risk level using correct data, scores, third-party web and social information


Get complete control of your global portfolio

Analysis for critical decision support

  • Create suitable reporting and organisation of your customer portfolio with a user-friendly tool
  • Ensure that you have correct decision-making data, effective credit management and accurate segmentation with analyses, scores and news coverage from Dun & Bradstreet
  • Keep track of what is happening with the help of a compilation of trends from the last 12 months, and choose how you want to filter and have it delivered


Avoid credit losses by receiving signals at the right time

Monitor relevant events

  • Keep track of your customers by monitoring portfolio developments and indications of business-critical changes
  • Receive automatic alerts and configure as many profiles as you need with the help of a clear and flexible portfolio overview
  • Protect your business and get a clear overall picture of your international clients’ financial health through monitoring and compilation of historical data



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