The D-U-N-S® Number – Key to foreign trade business

  • worldwide used identifier of companies
  • you can seek any company in the world
  • makes doing business with companies requiring the DUNS number possible
  • get assigned a number free of charge within 10 days

So the whole world can do business with you

Acquiring a DUNS number is simple. You will be sent the number free of charge so that the door to foreign commissions will get even more open.

Whilst companies in the Czech republic are identified by the company registration number, you will have access to all companies in the world with DUNS number. More than 50 industry groups require the system and it is also recognized by the UN, European Commission and the governments of the USA and Australia.

Access to information you will find only this way

You will get information on ownership ties, subsidiary relations or branches by accessing the right databases. You will know who is worth of doing business with.

Do you want to make doing business easier?

Fill in a short form and you will be assigned a DUNS free of charge within 10 working days.

Contact person


Company address

Headquarters (if different from the company address above)



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